Disposable gloves help keep your hands clean in the kitchen or in a medical or industrial facility. They also prevent harmful chemicals and bacteria from coming in contact with sensitive materials and causing food contamination or spreading any illnesses. If you’re making decisions about disposable gloves, it’s important to have the right information. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about disposable gloves.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of common myths about disposable gloves to help you make the right decision and keep your workers and customers safe.

1. There’s no need to change gloves after putting them on.
Simply wearing disposable gloves doesn’t prevent contamination, especially in food service areas where workers work with food items. Gloves can get contaminated after workers touch counters, door knobs or their face. As a rule of thumb, food service workers should change gloves every two hours to prevent gloves from getting contaminated or worn out.

2. Gloves are uncomfortable to wear.
Ill-fitting gloves are still a common complaint and a concern in many industries. But, thanks to today’s technology, gloves can now have a snugger fit and less bulk. You can refer to our sizing guide to determine the exact size of disposable gloves you should wear.

3. All disposable gloves are the same.
Disposable gloves are available in different material types, with nitrile, latex, and vinyl being the most common. Each of these types have different characteristics and don’t perform equally in all applications. Generally, nitrile is considered more premium than latex for its puncture resistance properties. Latex, in turn, is considered more premium than vinyl because it has better resistance.

4. Cheap gloves are cost-effective.
One of the biggest mistakes companies make is by disposable gloves based solely on price. The overall value of a glove is more complicated than its price. A cheap deal might save you some money but you might be compromising on safety. Along with the price, you should also consider durability, productivity, and safety risks.

5. If my employees are safe, they don’t need to wear gloves.
Performing tasks in a safe manner should be the first course of action but wearing gloves adds an extra layer of protection. Think about it: you’d still wear a seatbelt even if you think you’re a safe driver.

Knowing the truths about disposable gloves is essential in selecting the right glove for your business. To find the right glove for your needs, make sure to check out Glovesales’ wide range of latex and nitrile disposable gloves. Buy disposable gloves online today!