Upgrading your usual gardening gloves are highly recommended if you want to get the best out of your gardening experience! If you want to buy gloves online, you just have to make sure that you chose the right gloves to suit the your gardening needs. Here’s a short guide on how you can pick the right glove material.

For weeding & plucking

The Original Gardener gloves will give you the protection you’ll need for heavy-duty gardening. With a high resistance to tear and puncture, these gloves are a great investment that will last a long time.

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For picking & pruning

Don’t like your hands getting hurt by light gardening? No worries. Keep your palms and fingers protected with a ladies’ gardening glove for that all day comfort.

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For handyman work

Some environments can be difficult to work in and the professional gardener glove is ideal for gardener and handyman work. Made from premium synthetic leather, a durable material; it’s comfortable and sits securely once worn, making these type of gloves perfect for both gardening and handyman work.

Buy Professional Gardener Gloves here.

For potting & seedling

Detail-specific tasks such as moving plants work great with soft touch gloves. This type of glove is thin and stretchy but allows the user to have a fine touch. You can also use it for potting and seedling your greens!

Buy our Soft Touch Gardener Gloves here.

For everything else

Want a durable glove that’s still suitable for your budget? We have got you covered. Good thing general gardening tasks can be easily achieved with a good pair of multipurpose gloves.

Take the Handyman Economy for example: this one of a kind glove can be used for general gardening, handyman work, and even light industrial work!

If you want something solely for gardening tasks, you can check out the Gardeners Colours Gloves. It has an added extra grip palm coating for that ultimate everyday glove.

See? Your glove shopping experience is about to get easier with Glovesales! Choose from our range of gloves that will suit various applications with FREE shipping across Australia with no minimum cost.

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