All healthcare workers (sometimes even visitors) need to wear gloves to keep themselves protected from any contamination. Learn how to properly buy medical gloves below!

Do: change gloves in-between tasks.

There are various gloves used in the medical field. Typically distinguished by the material it’s made of, each type of medical glove should only be used solely for their designated purpose. This will help reduce the possibility of transmission or infection, which is a big risk for a hospital.

Those with skin allergies will also benefit from switching gloves per task if sensitive to the glove material.

Don’t: re-use medical gloves.

Medical gloves are used for a variety of tasks one of which mainly involves handling body fluids or infectious material. If your medical gloves indicate that they are disposable, they should not be used more than once.

When removing disposable gloves, make sure that the fluids do not come in contact with your bare hands. It is important to remember to wash your hands immediately and thoroughly after removal.

Do: know your size.

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than wearing gloves a tad bit bigger or smaller than your perfect size. However, this entails more risks especially when working in a healthcare facility. A glove size that does not fit perfectly can cause strain on your fingers and will often slip off easily—which is a high risk with surgical procedures.

Know your size ahead of time to avoid the hassle. Sterile gloves normally come in numbered sizes. If not, you can check in with the supplier for an accurate size chart for that perfect fit.

Don’t: use damaged gloves.

Medical gloves aren’t tear resistant. If ever you spot a tear on your gloves, dispose it immediately. This reduces the risk of getting in contact with any fluids that might cause infections.

Proper usage of medical gloves is not only hygienic but also improves safety. To get the best quality medical gloves, check out Glovesales. We offer top of the line work gloves suitable for several working conditions.

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