Workers in a factory or a warehouse normally wear work gloves to protect their hands as their work conditions typically involve dealing with strong chemicals and heavy machinery on a regular basis, making it susceptible for accidents to occur. To avoid possible injuries, wearing industrial gloves is necessary in all workstations.

These industrial gloves are reusable, sturdy and coated with strong materials designed to avoid injuries.

Tips on taking care of your protective gloves:

Tip #1: Wash them regularly

When you say industrial gloves, it doesn’t mean that it’s just one type of glove. Our All Purpose Professional Workers Gloves, for example, can be used in various ways because of their functional design. On the other hand, our Chemical Handling 45cm PVC glove works best for handling substances as they are oil and grease resistant.

These are two different gloves made from two different materials. When you’re washing industrial gloves, you need to be mindful of the manner in which you clean them so as to avoid damaging them.

Tip #2: Wear them clean

As a follow-up, always remember to wear your clean work gloves. If you’re not sure, it’s better to avoid taking the risk and ask your supervisor for a different pair instead. You should also ensure to let your supervisor know if your work gloves are wet inside as there could be a good chance that the chemicals have slipped inside.

Warehouse employees expose themselves to different chemicals every day and choosing to wear a used and soiled work glove will increase the risk of exposure to these chemicals.

Tip #3: Store them properly

Maintaining your gloves the right way also affects its shelf life. If you’re not mindful about taking care that your gloves are cleaned and stored properly, they will become more susceptible to damages. Make sure that you keep your work gloves in a cool, dry place and away from any chemicals. Do not store them with the inner side out and refrain from putt anything on top of it that might deform its shape or cause tears.

Industrial gloves offer comfort and protection to those who work with substances and manual labour extensively. For high quality work gloves that are suitable for multiple uses, visit Glovesales. With our user-friendly site and free shipping Australia – wide, we make your glove shopping experience so easy! Contact us today for enquiries.